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Theodore Bradley


The Old Brompton Gallery will bring together an exuberant solo exhibition by Bradley Theodore.

This is the first solo exhibition in London by the well renowned street artist. Bradley is well recognised in the US and especially from his characteristic, sticking unique murals in the heart of the big Apple. This exhibition will highlight a recreation of all the murals he has done in New York City.

Art has been the life force that has launched Bradley into the mainstream and into the media spotlight. Due to his unique and notable form of art visible throughout the cities of New York and Tokyo, Bradley has often been described as Jean-Michel Basquiat meets Banksy. Bradley believes that the audience of his art should be the reviewers of his art.

Thus he is dedicated in making his art available for all to see in the streets of international cities. His commitment in bringing art to the public is underlined by his involvements in public viewings. Bradley invites people into his art studio to immerse themselves in the creative process by conducting live paintings in cities as New York, Los Angeles, Oslo, Paris, and Tokyo.

These days Bradley's work is signatured by his use of the skeleton as the inner life force of the subject. As he explains; “There is no deeper delving into your psyche than the very structure of your body”.

Old Bormpton Gallery is thrilled to be showcasing a new series of works by Bradley that will highlight his characteristic approach and allow the audience to be able to take home with them a signature yet unique piece recreated from his depictive murals.

New York Paper Cuts: Project
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