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Photography Artist


Born in Italy, I moved to Paris to start a career as a model, then Ieft this to study at a school for artistic make-up specialising in cinema, theatre, and fashion.
Wishing to preserve the memories of certain looks I’d achieved, I began taking photos of my art and quickly became passionate about this part of my work. While I was pregnant with my first child, I came to understand the importance of immortalising this singular event in a woman’s life.
The physical transformation and development which I felt were evidence of a joy I desired to share and memorise at every moment, taking more and more photos for my friends who were pregnant or young mothers.
This was how I came to work with these women who wished to capture memories of their ronded stomach or simply beautiful shots of the wonderful moments of love and infinite terderness shared with their baby. I prefer to take photos at home with natural light, indoors or outside, and can work week-ends in order to take family photos.
I edit my shots to get an image that seems to me to be perfect.From these experiences and moments of collaboration with young children, I also came up with a whole new concept where the child becomes the main actor in a unique decor, fun and colourful:I’m the artist..

Feel free to contact me to discuss ideas and together find the theme, the props and decor that will bring your ideas to life.

Simona b: Project
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