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Freya Hollingbery


Old Brompton Gallery is excited to host Freya Hollingbery.

Freya has studied History of art at Bristol University and graduated in July 2017. 

Almost four years ago, Freya began collecting used steel bottletops by asking friends and family to collect these household throwaways. As she has progressed with this medium, she has discovered the joy of 'collecting'. Nowadays, she is always thrilled to find, or be given, a bottle-top she has never seen before! 

With these, she has endeavoured to create exuberant, vibrant designs working around colour, logo and buckling in the tops to produce intricate patterns. Every piece is unique and all of the bottletops are completely recycled. Who knew how much eye-catching art can be sourced from the floor!

She has really enjoyed creating recycled and up-cycled pieces of art since 2014. This bottle top work was a complementary form of self-expression alongside her studies.

Let's all welcome Freya Hollingberry at Old Brompton Gallery, see you all on December 5th for an amazing exhibition!

The Kaleidoscope Collection: Project
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